The Vail Centre

trianglesExploration starts within.
Today’s learner seeks something more. Continuously connected by technology, they feel disconnected. Constantly exposed to a virtual world of ideas, they struggle to engage with their own.

At Vail Centre, we offer individuals and organizations opportunities to convene in-person on an inspirational mountain campus to share academic ideas and real world challenges, creating meaningful connections and life-long friendships which inspire a call to personal and professional action.

We’re designing interactive experiences that bring together great thinkers and doers, state and local groups, university and educational partners and renowned experts from around the world.

With programs offered through four Learning Centres, concepts taught in coursework are complemented by learning experiences that take place in nature, giving participants a unique opportunity to step outside, take risks, face challenges and grow.

These personal breakthroughs are profound; changes within create new insights that can change everything around.

Through guided explorations and dynamic exchange, we are working to uncover passion, refine purpose and collaborate on complex problems that impact our lives, our families, our organizations and our communities.


Our way of remembering our core values and their importance to our staff, learning partners, and participants that journey to the mountains to explore their personal impact.