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For the lifelong learner.
Challenge yourself. Align your vision. Match your values with purpose. At the Vail Centre for Leadership, emerging and experienced executives focus on their character as they learn how to lead.


Inspiring purpose.

What if, through one experience, you could tap into the education of a full MBA program, the wisdom of an industry-tested veteran, and the perspectives of changing generations? That’s our mission. At the Vail Centre for Leadership, we gather the resources you need to enhance your leadership practices through character and purpose so you can impact the masses.

We believe leaders are built from the inside first. By aligning your character and personal development with organizational development, we guide you through understanding yourself so you can better understand others. With the right tools in hand, we know you have the power to inspire societal shift.

The Leadership experience:

  • Inspirational thought leaders and outside-the-box experiences
  • Creativity, clarity and renewed commitment through Experiential Learning
  • Joining a powerful network of like-minded individuals

Meet our Directors

todd_wallisTodd Wallis

With four degrees and multiple certifications, Todd understands how learning enriches every aspect of life.
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Our Partners

Cornell University
University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business

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Through fellowships, certifications, programs, and more, you’ll join the ranks of great and modern thinkers.  View our current Leadership programs below and read about programs from all four Learning Centres here.