The Vail Centre for Entrepreneurship

For the visionary.
Catalyze creativity. Identify trends across markets. Execute ideas that have global impact. At the Vail Centre for Entrepreneurship, business pioneers find the inspiration and research to fuel their next big project.


Fueling innovative minds.

Stay fresh. Stay agile. Stay fueled to adapt to every change that comes your way. Equilibrium avoidance and non-linearity in innovative thought is fast becoming an entrepreneurial imperative. Through an non-traditional environment, we aspire to transform linear thought for those seeking to advance entrepreneurship from within their organizations.

The Vail Centre for Entrepreneurship unites researchers interested in expansive opportunities, promising entrepreneurs progressing in new directions, and lifelong entrepreneurs looking to refine their approach. Our goal is to ignite entrepreneurial interests through dynamic experiences.

The Entrepreneurship experience:

  • Resource-rich instructional and experiential learning environment
  • Sessions, speakers, and programs providing an assemblage of dynamic trending topics within the vast field of entrepreneurship
  • Inspiration from leading educators, authors, and practitioners respective of their entrepreneurial craft
  • Transformative approach for idea engagement

Meet our Director

Dustin Kelley, Ph.D.

Dustin encourages entrepreneurs to challenge convention, develop original ideas, and create new demands.
Meet Dustin

Our Partners

University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship

Explore our Programs

The Vail Centre is an active community with new opportunities coming every day. The Centre for Entrepreneurship brings together a collection of certifications, fellowships, featured speakers, and more. View our current Entrepreneurship programs below and read about programs from all four Centres here.

BaseCamp for Entrepreneurs

BaseCamp for Entrepreneurs is a work space of the Vail Centre for Entrepreneurship. This co-working facility combines people, thinking and resources in a collaborative environment with the goal of boosting the performance of individuals and organizations. Learn More